Call of duty 4 mw problem!

when i put the disc in it pops up with the installer menu, [Play Multiplayer] [Play Singleplayer] , and the below that it says [Uninstall]?? ive had the game on this computer before but ive completely uninstalled it, and i searched everything on this comp with cod, call of duty, modern warfare, and deleted it all, and when i clock on anything in the menu, it closes the menu as if to open a new window but instead the disc stops spinning and nothing happens.. im running on windows 7
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  1. and i am upgrading adobe reader now
  2. odd. this. my game boots off the cd and installs without any menu. dunno what version your playing but it doesnt match what happens when i install cod on my pc.
    i install it then patch it and get 2 icons on my desktop. 1 for single player the other for multi. thats it.
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