Two Comps in One?

Hello, all :)

Ok, I like multitasking. What I currently do is work on one task, then while it is loading alt-tab to work on another.

I am wanting to do something different now and am wanting to know if it is possible.

I would like to have a setup with two screens, two mice, two keyboards, and one computer. I would like to be able to be doing a task on one screen, while keeping an eye on a task on the other screen. I would also like to have a dedicated mouse and keyboard for each screen.

I am thinking of something like this: Maybe a virtual machine? The thing is, is that I would like to have the same OS on both, but I only have one key. Can you have the same OS with the same OS key running in two instances simultaneously?


P.S. Am wanting a solution that will not cost money.... am sorta short on that at the moment.
P.P.S. I have Windows 7 Ultimate, an i7 920, 6gb ram 1333mhz.
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  1., you need 2 licensed OS's.
  2. I forgot to mention... I'm looking for a free solution (other than a second screen, mouse, and keyboard).

    OK, so the only way this is possible is with 2 OS licenses?
  3. There is not a free solution. The only way to do exactly what you want is with a product like ncomputing offers. Also they only work on xp, according to reviews I have read, and only 32 bit.

    You could probably get away with 1 license but not legally.

    I suggest you run dual monitors with ultramon software, you will have 1 key/mouse but you can run different apps on each screen.
  4. The free solution would be to go for another OS - Linux or one of the free BSDs. They are multi-user OSs.
  5. Ah, that stinks.... yea, was thinking about Linux. Not entirely sure if it would work completely.

    Anyway, I may not have explained what I was trying to do as well as I could have, so here is a link that I just found to a thread where somebody else was asking for a solution to something similar to what I am trying to do:
  6. or windows xp mode no key is required, your version of windows have to be legal though and its free. Other than that ijack was absolutely correct.
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