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Need a gaming mouse

Hello I'm building a gaming PC and need a mouse. I've been looking at the roccat kone xtd anyone know whether it's very good?
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  1. I need a gaming mouse and I was wondering if there were any suggestions? (Preferably not Razer)
  2. logitech series of mice are very nice, a lot of people really like the g500. you can also check out steelseries.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, how about the g9x?
  4. I use razer mamba and it pretty much sucks so I'd stay away from it if I were you. What exactly do you mean when you say a gaming mouse? Is it more buttons or high responsiveness? Either way you can try out razer naga hex
  5. I mean a high quality mouse with a good sensor and a couple of buttons on the side. Does anyone have a corsair m60? Is it very good?
  6. Actually razer naga hex has a really good sensor 5500 dpi and six buttons on the side.
    Also naga epic has twelve buttons on the side but it is really hard to use all those buttons. Also I like the wired/wireless feature.

    Corsair M60 is a goo mouse but I think that the button placement is a bit weird and need to be getting used to.
  7. the g9x is similar to the g500 and others. it is also a decent mouse in the series
  8. Ok but I really don't need all those buttons on the naga
  9. I think I narrowed it down to three mice: g9x/ g500/ corsair m60 which one is best?
  10. Just wondering if I should change anything in my build?

    ASRock X79 Extreme9
    Intel I7-3820
    Galaxy Geforce GTX 680 2GB GC Edition
    Corsair Dominator GT 16GB (4x4)
    Western Digital Black Caviar 1TB
    Sandisk Extreme SSD (120GB)
    Cooler Master HAF X
    Arctic Cooling i30
    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W
    LG BH14NS40
  11. Ok then m60 is he mouse for you, by the way have you considered mad catz mouse
  12. when working in a shop i had some people return the g9x because they didnt like it and pick up the g500, but its preference as well, my brother actually has the m90 corsair, got it on sale for $40, he loves it, so i would assume the m60 is just as good
  13. thats just hilarious. they both have exactly the same sensor in them. i would understand if they were from different manufacturers but there both logitech which means they have the same firmware.
    the only reason to swap em over would be for palm feel but seriously if they brought em back because they didnt like the way it worked.
    it is funny sometimes people will look at a mouse and say i dont like the way it handles but give em the same sensor in different design housing and there ecstatic. anyways look here. i recommend the avango 9500 (scales at 100 dpi increments)or 9800 (scales at 200dpi) for general use.
    the philips 2033 if you want more control over the dpi (scales at 25dpi increments).
  14. psu is to big for a 1 card setup. save some cash and get a 650w unit at most.
    cpu would be better served getting z77 and a 3570k
    there is absolutely no benefit getting an i7 over an i5. quite a bit extra cost for very little in performance maybe 1-2% if any.
  15. Hey bro check out this one of gigabyte:
    It's surely the one you need or try out this one
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  17. SIMPLY MARC said:
    I need a gaming mouse and I was wondering if there were any suggestions? (Preferably not Razer)

    These are my suggestions [...] id=3777#ov [...] id=4103#ov
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    I'm using a Corsair M60 and am loving it! Moved on from a CoolerMaster Sentinel Advanced when the left button started dragging. I was looking for something between a claw grip and a palm grip and this one fit the glove (no pun intended!:))

    You should choose a mouse based on your grip type. The M60 is a good balance between both grips and the button placements on the side are just fine. Plus, I like the sniper button (which admittedly takes some practice getting used to). The handling is also pretty good as the mouse is able to travel quite smoothly thanks to the teflon feet (which is pretty common nowadays in most mice).

    I'd recommend the M60 over a Razer, which is strictly my opinion! :)
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