PIII How to overclock?

Hey .Im just wondering .
I got a PIII 600MHZ
BIOS(American Mega Trends 062710)
I went on Bios and I "think" I clocked it to about 1G but when I go to System properies it still shows 600mhz
Im kinda new at messing with computers so Im not sure What to do
Thanks for your help in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. You have to up the FSB for Pentium class CPU's. In this case you have a P3 600 runs at 100FSB. Big question remains is this a 0.25 or a 0.18 P3 (it will be a 600E at post if it's a 0.18). Since the micron size reduction will allow for a higher over clock. Not too much though unless you have some 133 memory in the machine already.

    That way you can take the FSB from 100 to 133 up the voltage a tad and run the memory and FSB sync'd. Generally when the two are sync'd the OC is a far more stable OC.

    But theoretically you could easily OC 800 without breaking a sweat


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  2. Hummm... You will not notice big improvment even if you clock your P3 to 1GHz.

    Why do you want to overclock it? If you desperatly need performance for today's games, you will be disappointed.

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  3. No d00d, he'd notice a 50% increase in performance, with a 50% increase in memory bandwidth.

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  4. If you change the multiplier nothing happens.You should try increasing the FSB. If it doesn't boot increse the voltage.Not too much though.
    I overclocked an PIII Coopermine from 550Mhz to 792Mhz with a VCORE of about 1.665, aprox. + 10%' with PC 100 DIMM's to FSB 100,SYNK'D. Good luck.
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