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Is there any way that in Win 7 ultimate, I can log any activity occured via USB port such as copy items from PC to USB key or USB key to PC through event viewer. Or do I neet third party software? Thanks
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  1. To my knowledge, so such capability exists in any of the Event Viewer logs. There are some tools available that can do as you suggest, many of them used by parents to monitor kids activities (safety oriented).

    What are you trying to do (or prevent someone from doing)? Do you have others on your system that are using your account and you don't want them to? Please clarify.
  2. This is in an office environment and trying to avoid unauthorized copy of the clients files onto USB key.
  3. You could always disable USB keys on the computers.
  4. Ijack said:
    You could always disable USB keys on the computers.

    This is VERY good advice. Not only can you "ban" USB drives, you protect your systems from users infecting them with all sorts of malware. Do you guys want to go that far?
  5. I think we can disable USB port on all pc except on and searched a freeware which makes USB port password protected.
  6. I used a small utility called Usb Security Suite, which logs everything happened on usb drives. You can download it here:

    I have Win XP, but I think it works fine on 7 too.
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