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Hello Guys,

I need help with a PC build im going to buy for Guild Wars 2, I want to play with med graphics or higher.

was the pc build i was working off of, however some parts were out of stock so i replaced those parts with this.

I honestly have no clue if this build will even work together, I was hoping if someone can look this over and tell me if Im missing anything or i have extra parts that i don't need or even if Im paying too much for other parts that will have the same performance for less.

Thanks In Advance
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  1. The new MOBO and GPU are simply awesome. You won't be needing more than that, so stay with those.

    For the CPU I would choose the i5-3570, not the k-version though. It seems as if you won't be overclocking and the Gigabyte MOBO you added instead doesn't allow overclocking on the CPU, so no need getting any k CPU.

    With this gaming system you can easily max out GW 2 and just about everything else, it's pretty balanced. Great job when you don't have a clue about you're doing. :)
  2. The new MOBO and GPU are awesome. You don't be needing more than that, so stay with those. Have fun with guild wars 2
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