Using an old hdd w/ windows xp in a new gaming build then upgrading to windows 7

so my problem is i dont want to pay 200 dollars for the full version of windows 7, so i figured i'd take the hdd out of my old computer put it it my new build and then buy the upgrade version of windows 7, will this work? or will i have to uninstall drivers etc, and to upgrade xp to 7 requires a custom install so everything would be erased and i'm okay with that, i just want to get a os for my new computer for under $120
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  1. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM: $99.99
  2. I know about the OEM version, but i wanted to get the computer up and running without waiting for shipping. So i was going to just go grab the upgrade version at bestbuy.
  3. Patience is a virtue.

    Besides, you can't do an in-place upgrade to 7 from XP anyway - you have to do a full clean install.

    Now I can't remember if the 7 upgrade needs to check for a previous Windows installation, or if it will just ask for the serial.

    Have a Google search to clarify before you decide, but of course by the time you've asked the questions, done the research and worked out what you're gonna do you'd have the OEM disk already shipped lol
  4. I know i would have to do a clean install, that's what i planned on doing, but the thing im not sure of is the hdd not running my gpu and cpu correctly
  5. The hard drive has nothing to do with your CPU and GPU running properly or not.

    I'm confused now as to exactly what you are asking.
  6. sorry, let me clarify. For example if i just put the hdd into the new computer it won't boot up like the other computer it was in. So what would i have to do to make it work with the new computer just as it did with the old.
  7. Perform a clean reinstall of Windows.
  8. old HDD will not boot in new machine unless using same motherboard, period..
    what will happen if you try is that when you get to the Windows splash screen (if you get that far) it will lock-up and freeze on you..
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