Can't do anything after mobo update

Hi all,

So last week I decided it was time to refresh my computer and I decided to refresh pretty much everything.

CPU : i5 3570k
Mobo : GA-Z77X-UD3H
Ram : 8 GB corsair Vengeance Blue
Cooler : Hyper 212 Evo
SSD : OCZ Vertex 3

I kept my old case, power supply and GPU for the moment, but ordered a few days later a new case, psu and GPU (fractal Arc Midi, Cooler Master Extreme 2 725W, Asus 7870) Note that those components are not installed at the time of writing these words.

I decided it was time to go Win8. So I purchased an upgrade licence, but went the fresh install way, since almost every components were new.

Install went well, I was up and running and system was operating quickly. Then I copied the contents of the Motherboard installation DVD to a USB (no DVD on my build), inserted the USB, installed everything the installer proposed, rebooted the system.

And now it just won't do anything after the login. It boots, I login, I get the tiles but afterthat NOTHING can be done.

I'm thinking compatibility issues but how can I figure out what's incompatible if I can't even navigate to anything. I'm thinking of formating the drive and installing Win7...
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  1. Ended up erasing win8 and installing win7 ... kinda wish I didn't give microsoft my 40 $ for 2 hours of pain.
  2. Well... you copied everything off of the DVD. I'm betting you would have had a much smoother experience had you not used the severely outdated copies of everything so typically found on those disks. Best option is always to download the latest drivers and other board specific utilities from the manufacturer's website before you begin. If you've got time, perhaps give it another shot?

    I should also point out that it may have simply been a bad install. When I set up my desktop on the final build back in mid-August, I had a problem with Windows detecting all of the secondary drives in my system. After tinkering with it for an hour or so, I reinstalled Window 8 and everything worked perfectly.
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