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Far Cry 3 Performance.How To Increase ??

:hello: I Have ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphic Card (Intergreted). It Has 1915 MB But I Try To Run Far Cry 3 and I Can't Seem To Tap 30 FPS, So I Was Thinking I Should Get A New Graphics Card. My PC Specs:
HP Pavilion Dv4 Notebook Series
AMD Turion X2 Ultra 64 ZM-80 2.1 Ghz
4 Gb Of Ram
359 Gb HDD
Should I Upgrade Or What ?
The Average FPS I Obtain Is 15 FPS. I Know My
Graphics card Is Bad But Still Any Other Tweaks. I've Also Tried "PostFxQuality=False" tweak But It Just Drops My FPS By 6, And 9 FPS Isn't Playable.Or Should I Add Ram Or Buy A New Graphics Card ?
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    you cant upgrade a note book.
    yes you can buy them with different gfx card options but you cant take the card out and swap it with another 1s it leaves the factory.
    just because they say you can buy this or that upgrade on there site. it doesnt mean you can upgrade the lappy with after market parts.

    you wasted your money on that game for that hardware... next time read the back of the box and see if your near minimum spec.
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