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I just joined here since someone told me that this place is really helpful. So here's my question.

Can I run Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on atleast 800x600 resolution, and low settings on this PC:
Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz HT
3 GB RAM 800 MHz (For some reason it shows 667MHz in Windows)
Asus EAH 3450 512MB
Windows 8 Professional

I want to run the game atleast on 30FPS. So if I can't run the game on 30 FPS, what would be the best settings to get the FPS somewhat closer to 30.

I've been downloading this game for 5 days on my crappy connection now, still around 3.5 GB left to go. XD Hopefully I'll be able to play it.

Any help and answers are appreciated!!
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  1. Run over to this site right here:
    Should let you know if you can run it on minimum/medium/maximum. It's not always the greatest or most reliable, but it gives you a place to start. :bounce:
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