Computer turn on asks for password then turns off

Hello, i am running windows 7 and have a toshiba. my laptop suddenly froze, so i turned it off and upon turning it back on it asks for a password. however all the passwords ive used for my computer dont work, and to make things worse if i get it wrong 4ish times the computer shuts off. can anyone help please?
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  1. Is this a BIOS/system password that must be entered before your system loads Windows? If so, you are going to have to check with Toshiba tech support for help (be prepared to provide proof of ownership).

    If this is a Windows 7 password, you may have no option other than reloading the operating system, if you can't remember the password.

    Please clarify. Good luck!
  2. Oh yeah, worked with one of those. If you've got no tech support, and are technical, I think you can pull the cmos battery, unfortunately on the one I worked on, it was buried under the keyboard.
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