Remote play, why Sony is making a big mistake

So the ps vita has a remote play feature but atthe moment their arent many games that use it. My question is why? There are plenty of videos going around the internet of people playing games like DMC, Dishonered, BioShock 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Battlefield 3, and Red Dead Redemption, among other things through the use of an exploit in an ealrlier software patch. Obviously these games arent going to have the same graphical phidellity, and may at times encounter some slight lag, but from what i can tell it's not much worse than most of the current remoteplay games, sometimes it's actually better.

So, heres the question; if it's actualy possible to play these games on our ps vita, WHY DOESNT SONY LET US DO IT?! There is absaloutly no downfall to this. It gives people more of an incentive to buy a ps vita; which hasnt sold very well as of late, it would definatly help push ps3 game sales for 3rd party games, and i cant think of a single reason not to make this a thing. Plus, you cant tell me it wouldnt be kinda awsome to play BF3 or Dishonered at the local Starbucks, or on an airplaine, or at the hotel.

However, if anyone could explain Sony's desicion to keep these games off the remote play list I would very much apreciate it.

(incase anyone doesnt know abou the videos im soeaking of i will link you to one
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  1. I love remote play. Streaming games like that takes a lot of resources, so I'd bet the more graphically advanced and the more complicated the game engine is, the harder it is to stream. I use remote play for PS1 classics, namely Final Fantasy 1-9, and I think that's more what it's geared towards.
  2. point being their are videos of people playing games like skyrim on the remote play. the vita can handle it they just refuse to let it happen for some bisarre reason
  3. I don't think its an evil Sony conspiracy.... but, rather, Sony getting ahead of itself being too ambitious too soon with a product feature.

    If you've seen remote play in action, you can tell right away that there's some performance limitations that seem hard to work out. Sure, a person may have hacked firmware and play some AAA PS3 title, but that doesn't mean that Sony was able to get the game to run at an acceptable level, that they'd actually want to support it as a feature.

    As far as whether or not it's the PS3 or the Vita that's the problem.... I have suspicions that there's just not enough CPU and Memory resources left on the floor on most PS3 games, to allow remote play to run smoothly... even though all the PS3 is doing is encoding a live video stream, that's not something that can be done for completely free.... and when I watch Remote Play in action, I feel like I'm actually watching the poor PS3 choke on it's lack of resources, when I see Remote Play crash during a cutscene.

    If I'm right.... that means that remote play will probably be limited to just a few PS1 classics and the like, and be a pretty useless feature between the PS3 and the Vita.... but....

    Remote Play could be an interesting feature if it works smoothly with the PS4... which, theoretically, wouldn't choke on the small amount of overhead needed for remote play.
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