Random Blackscreen During Gaming

While gaming I constsntly run into this problem. Any game I play will run fine for about an hour and then will blackscreen. The computer becomes unresponsive and required a hard reset in order to fix the problem.

CPU: AMD FX-4100 OC @ 4.3GHz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
RAM: 8GB Patriot Viper "Venom Red" Edition @ 1600Mhz
Graphics: MSI Radeon 7850 1GB OC @ 1050/1250
PSU: Corsair GS700
CPU cooler: NZXT Havik 120

I have already looked around for solutions to this problem and these are the ones I have tried with no effect:

Removing all graphics drivers and reinstalling them
Uninstalling CCC and reinstalling it to the latest version
Lowering the OC on my graphics card to stock speeds
Lowering the OC on my CPU to stock speeds
Increasing voltage on my CPU and GPU
Making a more aggressive fan curve in MSI Afterburner

Also the temps on my CPU and GPU are as follows (if it helps):

CPU: Idle 22-25C, Load 40-43C
GPU: Idle 26C, Load 60C

I would really appreciate any help that can be offered. Thanks
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  1. I don't know what the typical temperature for your GPU should be, but 60C does seem quite a percentage higher than its idle temp.

    Maybe the hard disk is old and certain sectors on it are corrupt. Run a chkdsk and see what your results are.
  2. This is usually a sign of a dying GPU itself.
    How long have you used the graphic card?
  3. I get the same problem. Different specs obviously. I've had my XFX 6950 for less than 2 years.
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