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Hey all, I'm having sleep issues with my win7 build.

I have a hackintosh build that I added a second drive to load window which I did. OSX has no issues going into sleep, but the win7 wakes right up to the log in screen once I try to put it to sleep.

My computer build is a Core i7-930 CPU on a Asus P6T motherboard. At one point when I had only windows loaded on prior to OSX, I'm like 99% sure I was able to put it to sleep.

The CPU is over-clocked, to 3.25Ghz, not sure if that really matters but I want to give all info.

In running powercfg -a it tells me I have hibernation s1 & s3 but no bios support for S2

I looked through the bios settings and did not see any setting for S2.

I also used the powercfg settings to see if any devices are preventing sleep, they were the mouse, keyboard and network card. I disabled those settings and so there's nothing showing in powercfg to prevent this.

Additionally I went to the device manager and looked at the pertinent devices to see if there's any settings there that had wake computer set.

To summarize, I'm pretty sure I had sleep on my win7 computer once. I loaded OSX which has sleep, installed a new drive and loaded win7 and no longer have sleep.
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  1. Select S3 in bios any change?
  2. I have it set to auto, but I'll explicitly set it to s3
  3. I tried both S3 and S1, no luck :(
  4. Check bios power managment for any thing that may wake the computer such as
    "wake on lan " or such.
    then check on the power settings in windows, anything?
  5. I've been going through all the settings and still no luck :(

    In googleing the problem I came across this thread

    I'm going to try this out tonight when I get back to home and update the thread accordingly.
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