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Who else plays? What do you like about it? Have any spare Frank n' Beans? :kaola:
Discuss DayZ, Arma II, and Arma III here. Post what you like, I love talking about this game :D
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  1. I play dayz a lot. Pretty intense when things get crazy. One thing I don't like is all the bugs.. I cant wait for the standalone
  2. Hopefully the past due standalone will crave my DayZ appetite. I'm currently in BFE with a Ghillie, M16A4ACOG, and a Coyote. Have been waiting to get my new gaming setup so I can play on Very High settings, FINALLY!!! The standalone should fix the hacking issues for at least awhile, it's gonna be awesome.
  3. Whats your new setup? Im just bought a computer a bb and put a new fan and graphics card in it. I kinda wish I would of just built one because im a little unsure how It will preform for upcoming games.

    Also is it comfirmed the standalone will be running off the arma 3 engine?
  4. i looked into this yesterday when i was asked how it would perform on a system. the info i found said it was on the arma 2 engine its not its on the arma 3 engine so it should be pretty sweet to play. if they fixed the majority of the bugs in the engine.
  5. You guys should check out "Wasteland". It's a pretty interesting twist to the DayZ mod.
  6. I don't particularly care for it all that well, I enjoyed it at first, but then I went back to DayZ. LOL.
    @meep, ATM I'm just buying a pre-built with intentions on upgrading. Don't really wanna take the time and labor to build one myself, so I''ll just spend a little more money and tweak as I go. It's already quite a nice setup that can run Arma 2 and DayZ on very high everything. Of course I'm gonna turn off Antialiasing, Post Processing, and Vsync to max out on FPS, and have view distance set at 4000.
    -Intel Core i5 3550p
    -8GB DDR3
    -Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB
    All in a nice iBUYPOWER tower. I plan on upgrading the GPU to a Nvidia GTX 670 and the power supply (obviously) to probably a 600W.
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