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Battlefield 3 FPS drops suddenly

Since the last patch for bf3, I have been experiencing crazy fps drops. There doesn't seem to be any particular trigger to the problem. I get around 70fps stable but then my fps drops to an unplayable 8 fps or so for about 15 seconds, which almost always makes me die. I took a screenshot in afterburner which shows erratic gpu usage. My cpu never goes above 70% usage and ram is under 50%. I only have this problem in bf3. I have tried messing with clock speeds and updating drivers but no luck.

My specs:
AMD fx8150 8-core cpu
Sapphire 7850 OC edition (2gb)
16gb corsair ram
1tb caviar black hdd
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  2. this happens in which game mode ?
    co-op, multiplayer or single player , how many maps does it happen on and which ones ?
    please also send specifics on your GPU clock; does your CPU usage drop with your GPU usage ?
    so far sounds like an update problem tho , i would reinstall the game completely , one possiblity is that everyones having this issue with simular or non simular equipment or something got corrupt durring the update process , i got this game and will see if i have an issue i have AMD equipment as well PII 965/HD 7950
    (before you resintall it though ; when in origin right click BF3 and click repair)
  3. Happens in all game modes and maps. I've tried multiple gpu clocks including stock over and under. I tried to repair function to no avail. cpu usage stays pretty stable at around 60 percent or so.
  4. What drivers are you using?

    Here's another screenshot at the time of drop that might help...

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  8. Just tried settings on minimum and still get spikes... something's seriously wrong here...
  9. Ok... glad you like nividia or whatever but that doesn't really help me now does it?
  10. Damn... just got farcry and its doing the same thing but to a lesser extent
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    Have you done the usual troubleshooting? In your case:

    - Clean reinstall of GPU Drivers (which you may have done but you say "updating" which I'm not sure if that's what you meant.
    - Make sure Windows is up to date.

    Looking at those 2 screenshots, and side effects you're having...can you monitor both CPU and GPU temperature? Let us know because my first impressions would be either TEMPs being too high or PSU not providing you enough power (which could also be because PSU is overheating).
  12. GPU temp is idling at about 20 degrees c or so but CPU is hitting up to 86 degrees c during intense gaming... could that possibly be the issue? CPU overheating? PSU seems to be at decent temp and is 650w so I don't think that's it.
  13. CPU's can't handle that kind of temp. You need to reapply thermal compound. Perhaps get an after market HSF too. I don't believe any CPU's recommend going over 70C.
  14. Damn... just got a program to measure the heat of the cpu, wasn't expecting this hot. It appears that the slowdowns occur when the cpu temp goes above 80. I guess I'll just have to get a new heatsink. Any recommendations for a compatible heatsink for $60 or less?

    maybe this one?
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