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Hello, people of the forum :hello:

I am not an expert on how Steam works, so I need someones help.

I don't have a disc drive in my system because I am a cheapo and just figured I would buy every game on steam digitally. I was going to invest in Black Ops 2 and then noticed that I can get the retail disc version of it on amazon for $45 opposed to the $60 on steam. Since Black Ops 2 can be activated on steam does that mean I can buy the disc version and just activate the cd-key on steam and install it from steam?

Reason I ask is because I have never bought a retail PC game :lol:
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  1. You need the discs good sir. If you buy a physical copy. So here are your choices.

    1. Buy the digital version for $60.

    2. Buy the physical copy for $45 dollars and invest $15-$20 dollars into a disc drive.

    3.Not buy blackops.
  2. probably better just to get a disk drive because of the faster installation but remember there will also be updated files that will be updated when you install it on steam.
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