Mechanical keyboard for Battlefield 3?

Hey all,

I've been in the market for my first mechanical keyboard lately, for some gaming on FPSes and work. For a mouse, I know that I'll be getting the 2012 Razer Deathadder. Im not getting the 2013 version because it's twice as much, and I dont like the green color scheme. Plus, I don't need 6400 DPI. For the keyboard, I was thinking a Razer Blackwidow. Im really stuck between all the verisons. Ill break it down...

2012 Blackwidow:
-Blue color scheme, which will complement the mouse; for an OCD person like me it's more important than you think lol
-A bit cheaper; a lot cheaper if you get the standard version - do I even need backlighting? (see below)
-Glossy finish; everyone complains about fingerprints, but I'm pretty neat and I don't eat at the computer. How much of a difference does a matte finish make?

2013 Blackwidow:
-Matte finish; how important? (see above)
-Supposedly the backlighting is much better, but how important is backlighting? I don't work in total darkness a lot, and I mostly work during the day, next to a window. After all, backlighting adds quite a bit more to the price.
-Ugly ass green color scheme - doesn't really look good to the eyes, especially with a blue mouse next to it!

Thanks so much for helping me out guys! Everyone's opinion is valued!

Thanks again!
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  1. does it have to be razer?
    if it has to be one of the 2 sounds like you should buy the 2012
  2. SIMPLY MARC said:
    does it have to be razer?
    if it has to be one of the 2 sounds like you should buy the 2012

    What do you mean by, "does it have to be razer?" I settled upon Razer because that seems to be the most popular mechanical keyboard for work and gaming. If you know freddiew on Youtube, they work on their computer 24/7, and game, and they al l use Razer gear. Why do you think I should go with the 2012 version. And what brands other than Razer do you have in mind?

    Thanks your response!
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