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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Steam

I have installed EVERYTHING from the two discs. Now, when I click to play, it says " DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error. check for possible solutions in readme." I have reinstalled my Graphic Card. I have verified the cache files. I've checked and my system works for the game. It still doesnt work, what should I do?
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    What are you specs?

    DirectX is a Windows component. Have you installed the latest windows updates? Also, BO2 uses your Windows DirectX to access graphics libraries. Hence, you should install the latest version of your videocard drivers. if both of these action fails. You could try and reinstall the game (after you've done all the updates mentioned above).
  2. I have updated all my drivers. Whenever I try and upgrade DirectX an error occurs. My system specs are:
    8gb RAM
    Intel i5 core processor 3.1ghz
    ATI Radeon x1650 Pro Graphics Card
  3. You need to upgrade your graphics card pronto. That wouldn't pull you out of bed these days. You should be looking at a GTX650 or greater.
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  5. Would a ATI Radeon HD 3450 series work?
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