Best Campaign you have ever played?

Easy question.
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  1. i really liked the God of War franchise, mainly the button mashing mindless killing gameplay, this was a tough toss up between that and far cry
  2. GoW and Assassins Creed. Call of duty was only good for the first 2 games + United Offensive IMO.
  3. For me it was definitely halo 1. No so much the rest of the series but that really blew me away with huge environments and an almost openworldy feel.
  4. The first Halo was definitely a step forward for the gaming industry as well as for us gamers. It is one of my favorite games, and probably my favorite campaign of the series. The multi-player was still fun as all hell, but it was almost too simple. Who could ever forget hearing that badass menu music for the first time?..
    The other games on here I have also enjoyed, God of War was good, but single minded, lol. They are all great, but they all have their flaws.
    Honestly, if I would have voted, I'd have voted DOOM. IMO, if it weren't for DOOM and Wolfenstien... who knows where us first person shooter nutcases would be.
  5. I would love to say Goldeneye as the singleplayer was brilliant but everyone really remembers the multiplayer for that game. Halo was an a amazing game in single player too but I think it has to be Half Life for me
  6. Assasin's Creed and definitely the Max payne too
  7. picked elder scrolls cos its most like fallout and i loooooove fallout
  8. Fallout, Elder Scrolls and The Witcher.

    Great gameplay and an amazing tale. I love to feel really being in the world I'm playing and these games draw me in like no other, it's mostly because of the way you can make an impact on the world by your actions. Simply amazing, I can only hope they will continue the franchises in the future.
  9. I do love the exploration of the Elder Scrolls games, really brings you into the game, and they hardly use cut-scenes, something that too many games make WAYYYY too much use of. I have always compared Borderlands to Elder Scrolls in the exploration aspect, but I seriously did not like the campaign of Borderlands, AT ALL... however the gameplay was good. Surprised Bioshock hasn't been mentioned yet.
  10. Is skyrim really even a campaign? I guess the main quest is but its free roam.
  11. Call of duty
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