Far Cry 3 Settings

Good day all :)

This is my Rig:

Z77-d3h Gigabyte Motherboard
I5 cpu
8 gig corsair vengance ram
msi gtx 660 ti power edition graphics card

Im getting these weird shaddows on the floor when i play far cry 3 there black triangular shaddows is there any fix for this problem......
im running the game in direct x 9 any one please advise on a fix for this
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  1. Do you have the latest drivers?
  2. yeah ive got the latest drivers 310.0 beta
  3. You're not overclocking are you? Also, you might wanna check your files. Verify your local game files if you're on steam and re-install if you're not.
  4. Nah im not overclocking..... ive noticed when you overclock the msi gtx 660 ti the game lags for some reason ill try reinstalling the game.... ive set the antialiasing setting to hbao asswell so im not sure why the game is still glitchy
  5. Why aren't you in DX11?
  6. i dunno:) was scared if the game is glithcy in dx 9 what would it do in dx 11?
  7. Try DX11 and report back :)
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