Is a Graphic Card Radeon HD 5450 Low Profile A decent For Older Games?

Sorry if I have put this thread to a wrong Category but I'm New

But anyway I bought a graphic Card Radeon HD 5450 1gb Low Profile to play some games.. As i had an integrated graphic card Intel(R) G45"G43 Express Chipset for about a year and I got fed up with the fps drop during the games Like Mount & Blade and Half life 2 etc..

So I have a few question

1. Is the graphic card Radeon HD 5450 better than Intel(R) G45"G43 Express Chipset ?

2. Will i be able to play games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Half life 2, Mount & Blade, Counter Strike Source, Killing Floor, Gothic 3, Fable, Minecraft Maybe.. and games from similar release date (Between 2005-2009 ?) with no bigger problems..

3. The graphic card is Low profile.. Will this decrease the performance of the graphic card in games?

4. The graphic card has a Clock Speed of 650Mhz.. Is that pretty enough for the games from the release period I have mentioned above?

5. Also my power Supply Is 240 watt.. I heard that the graphic card only requires and takes about 20 watt.. Is my Power Supply good enough?

I know that this graphic card is good for games but I kinda got used to the low quality and low resolution gaming : )

Thank you for replying....
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