Pc shouldnt be running this slow

My fps is really low on my pc. It is having a hard time running 3D Programs such as solid works as well as games like swtor. On swtor i am getting 14 fps standing still in lowest setting. It is a Dell Precision M4600 With a i7-2760QM @2.4 GHz RAM is 16 GB and Type is 64 Bit. My rating is fairly high at a 6.9 for Gaming graphics and the rest as follows:

Processor 7.4
Ram 7.6
Graphics 6.9 (AMD (ATI) Firepro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro Graphics
Gaming Graphics 6.9
Hard Disk 5.9

Solid works has a hard time rendering when i rotate an object. Sometimes it will even crash. And just to test I ran Star Wars Old Republic on it and it was running at 14 fps (lowest Setting) where my 400$ home PC is running it at 70 fps Please Help. I am unproductive at work and our IT guy says he cant figure out whats wrong.
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  1. Hi :)

    Check in the Bios to make SURE its running on the Firepro.... (which is not a gaming card by the way)

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thanks for the Reply Brett. Prob a stupid ? But How do I check Bios? and What Would be a good graphics card (best) I could upgrade to with this PC.
  3. Hi :)

    Press F2 usually as you start the lappy to enter Bios...

    You may NOT be able to change the card, unless Dell made a Precision WITH a gaming card, rather than your graphics type card...

    You would have to ring Dell to find out, and it WONT be cheap... last one my laptop repair company replaced was around £500 from memory :(

    All the best Brett :)
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