Looking for an old game 2D rpg/shooter!

id like to find an old 2D game i used to play. Here is a discription(as far as i can remember)

i cant remember the year. it must have been around 2004-6 that i played it. but it looked like it was made around 2000 or earlyer.
it was a top-view action-rpg-shooter. you played some sort of magician with rpg-like skill development.
it had some elements from diablo - (hp-mana ball and a skill bar at the bettom)
but the play stile was more like alien shooter. lots of mobs running in a special pattern or just hunting you. except that you had to think of your mana as ammo.
one of the final lvls had a huge burning upside down pentacle and waves running over the whole map horizontal and vertical.

it had a normal/story mode and survival.
cant remember anything else atm.
would be great if some remembers it or any similar sugestions would be great.
thx in advance.
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  1. Was this a turn based game? Fallout 1 & 2 were turn based isometric RPG shooters.

    Hellgate, which I never played, was made by the lead developers of Diablo, and is also a RPG shooter game, very much like Diablo.

    Though I doubt either of those are what you are looking for, I could be wrong.
  2. no. it was action pure. a fastpased game. play time per lvl was around 2-5 mins. almoust like a mini-game.
    And the grafics came nowwhere close to hellgate (as i said 2D and pretty old) :) you gota imagine you char was like this :hello: . only if you look at it from above(head, shoulders and a small animation of your hand when you cast a spell)
  3. I do recall a isometric shooter RPG a long time ago. I have no idea the name of the game, but I recall you had something like photon guns.
  4. See if you can find it on this list: http://www.allgame.com/style.php?id=180&tab=games
  5. Sorry for posting here but this is the only recent active thread I could find.
    I am looking for an old game which is a English puzzle game for kids.
    In it there is a village which has been flooded with water and the village folk decide to find the root cause of it. They go through a journey through a forest and to a mountain where there find that the flood was caused due to an open faucet. Please help me find it.
    Thank you
  6. bystander said:
    See if you can find it on this list: http://www.allgame.com/style.php?id=180&tab=games

    ty, for the link. gona browse some (i assume all) the games in the lists :)
    another clue(now that i thought bout it a lil more) - it looked like an asteroids+diablo combination. and grafic lvl would be like in gta :)

    @akshay180 - sry cant help you regarding your search request. but some more clues could help. and try to browse over there under adventure i assume. gl.
  7. Few clues
    There are puzzles you have to solve to progress like you have to spell words correctly to open a door etc.
  8. Could not find it on the site
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