What to make my computer less laggy while recording games with fraps?

o have a lenovo i7 processor, nvidia geforce 660m graphics card and 8 gigs of RAM. my computer is flawless not recording but while recording im finding some lag issues
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  1. Hi :)

    ITS A LAPTOP...its NOT powerful enough ...graphics wise for both...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. For Gods sake we've already answered this one. OP never mentioned he had a laptop though. Just noticed the 660M thing. Try closing down all other programs you have running and use game booster and un-install stuff you dont need from the laptop. Theres nothing you can do aside from trying other recording softwares because we know you've done every thing else. Try allocating more ram to minecraft there must be a guide on youtube on how to do that
  3. What is the normal amount of fps i should be getting with this type of laptop
  4. Is it a dual core i7? Or a quad core i7? Having a quad core CPU means that two cores can be dedicated to playing the game while the other two cores encode the video. Both gaming and video encoding can be pretty demanding on the CPU. It can still get choppy, but not as chip as if you were to only have a dual core i7.
  5. how do i check
  6. Right click on My Computer.Select properties.You cand find your pc specs there.
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