Can someone identify this game?

As a kid, I had a bunch of games on a black disc that I played frequently. The name of the disc was "Hi-View" or "Hi-Val" or something like that, from the 90s. There were at least 10 games on it, including Hearts, WinRoids, SinkSub, and an F-18 combat sim. There was one game, though, that was my favorite one. Of course, it's the one whose name I've forgotten. It was a vertically-scrolling, arcade spaceship-shooter game, and the spaceship was green and had forward-swept wings kind of like a Cylon Raider. There were asteroids that you had to avoid; they start off reddish, but are gray once they break into smaller asteroids. Some of the enemy fighters were M-shaped. I want to say that this game's name was "Quanta", but googling that didn't turn up any results. The disc is long gone, and I've spent a lot of time googling and searching old game archives, but no results. Anybody know what game I'm talking about? :??:
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