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Problem started a few weeks ago, sister installed Nero 7, on the PC, on bootup the screen was no longer centered. It was so far off my monitor settings couldn't fix it, so I installed Nvidia Control Panel and moved it using the tools available. I'm using 250GTS card. Problem has gotten significantly worse on bootup now. The monitor will go off and on during bootup, finally going between on and off after the Windows 7 splash screen. Sometimes the monitor will come back on and sometimes not. If I can manage to blindly load a program, the monitor seems to come awake. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check the power settings in the control panel and the BIOS.
  2. Are you talking about the basic, when to put the monitor/computer to sleep power settings?
  3. Yes, make sure the monitor isn't set to shut off, and that you have the right power scheme.
  4. As of right now I have it set to Never and Never in the control panel, BIOS I'm unaware of as it will take me forever to get the monitor to turn back on if I restart.
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