Is my win 7 key reusable

i have a laptop that nearly cought fire :D so now i'm building a new computer from scratch, can i use the same win 7 key that i used on my laptop on my new computer or is that key locked to the motherboard in my laptop
not sure if it's oem or full retail version
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  1. it would be retail if you bought the copy of win 7.if it came with the laptop it is oem and not reusable!
  2. No you can't sorry.
    If it was like that both your laptop company and Mircosoft would loose a lot of money with people reusing discounted oem keys.
  3. don't know if its oem or full retail cause i got it from a friend who got it from his school.. he is studeying to be a programmer and therefor got 1 32 bit win 7 and 1 64 bit win 7, since he only needed the 64 bit version i got the other..
    is there enyway of checking the key and getting info on what version it is?
  4. it's probably a student license or a student upgrade, which i have. you should be able to do re-use it. just call microsoft if there's a problem and plead ignorance
  5. Probably not. Sounds like a full/upgrade version. The question here then becomes did he get seperate keys for the 32/64 bit Disks. I suspect he only got one key, if so and he has installed/activated that key - then when you go to activate it may show that that key is already in use. The single key is for either/or, not both on two seperate computers. I have both that came in the same package, but only one key.
  6. there are seperate key's.. the OS he has, has it's own key.. as i sayd earlier, i have already been using this key on my laptop, but since that peace of crap nearly burnt down my house :p i'm building me a new computer..

    and as a carpenter i'm not made of money so i would like to use the key i have instead of buying a new win 7.. i'll guess i'll just have to try when my parts have arrived and the computer is finished.. if it works, great, if not, crap ;)

    another guestion then, let's just say my key can be reused.. are keys made for one specific win 7 or can i download the 64 bit instead of the 32, i would prefer the 64 bit but my laptop did'nt support 64 so the code is used with a 32bit system disk.. what do ya think?
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