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I am a proud PlayStation 2 owner, and I am disappointed to discover that there are no PS2 games slated for release in 2013. As many of you may not be aware, there were a number of quality games released for the platform last year -- including Major League Baseball 2K12 and other fine games.

When Skyrim was being previewed on gaming sites, I was excited to play the game. However, I soon discovered that the game would be released for only PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 -- and that Bathesda Studios had no plans to port the game to PS2. Upon this discovery, I could not believe how the developer would overlook an installed base of over 150 million PS2 owners. Then I considered that perhaps they thought that the PS2's hardware was not up to the task. OK, maybe it is not as powerful as the PS3 -- but if the game settings were scaled back and a few graphical adjustments were made, the PS2 would most definitely be able to run the game smoothly. Surely, the PS2 is a technical marvel -- its proprietary CPU, entitled "Emotion Engine", can surely handle the load, and don't be fooled by its 294 MHz clock speed, it's 64-Bit after all -- and did I mention it has multiple co-processors? It's GPU is similarly impressive, again with stellar proprietary "Graphics Synthesizer" technology, it has impressed millions of video gaming fans the world over -- no need to mention its impressive specifications or its array of features.

It is a shame how developers are not porting their new games to the PS2. If they refuse to support my gaming console, then I will refuse to support them. There is a vast catalogue of quality PS2 games for me to rediscover on my powerful machine, and it will be many years before I am ready to upgrade to another state-of-the-art system. As a proud PS2 owner, I am sticking with my old faithful.

By the way, is there any chance Skyrim could be ported to the PS2 soon?
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  1. You wont ever be seeing Skyrim or even Oblivion on the last gen consoles, they are just way too underpowered in every area in the system. The PS2 have a good life span but it's time to move up the generation latter if you want to play Skyrim
  2. It would need a hefty investment in r&d/coding to be bought to the ps2 platform, not to mention spreading resources to a system that sony is going to cut life support to, it's pretty amazing that sony has supported the ps2 and ps1 system for so long after releasing the ps3, microsoft dropped support for the original xbox as soon as the 360 came out, even though the original xbox in my opinion had plenty of life left in it for a few more years.
  3. I support you for sticking with the PS2 for so long, but I think it is time to give up. The PS2 isn't powerful enough to run Skyrim. Maybe if they had completely designed the game from the ground up to run on it's hardware, but if they just port it it will be a mess.

    You should just build a gaming PC or get an Xbox 720/PS4 when they come out.
  4. Wait , are you out of your mind?
    The PS2 has been dead for a long time. The only major releases now would be the long running Sports game series. That's all.
    Maybe a few games here and there but don't expect any major releases on the PS2 now that it is pre-pre-gen.
    So in short , expecting triple A titles nowadays on the PS2 is like having sex with a 90 year old woman and expecting a perfectly healthy baby. Forgive my crude comparison , I couldn't think of anything else comparable to this.
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