How can i get Steam to open up with a non steam game?

How can i get Steam to open up with a non steam game? I use ATI Tray tools, so i load up a game with a desktop shortcut, i want a game to load up with steam, and i want to be able to do it just by clicking on the game shortcut on the desktop. I know i can go into steam menu and click add a non steam game, but that means i can only load the game if i click n the steam menu, and i want to use the desktop shortcut that also loads an ATI Tray Tool profile .
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  1. I'm not quite sure I understand your request, as I think you may be wording things a little wrong.

    I am guessing you want to create a custom profile with ATI Tray tools for a game you bought from Steam. If that is the case, or you want to open a Steam game for any other software, like Logitech's LGS, then I can help.

    Under Steam's install folder, there is a \steamapps\common folder which holds all the games you have installed through Steam (i.e. - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dragon age origins). Just go into that folder and you'll find your Steam games and their normal .exe's. You can even launch those games directly from the .exe's in their folder without having to launch through Steam.
  2. I got non-steam games to load up with steam by making a .bat file. Adding a game to steam and clicking create shortcut, then using the steam ID from the shortcut, putting it into notepad with start steam://id whatever and saving as a .bat file. Then making ATI Tray Tools for each profile open up the specified .bat file for each game. I suppose that's probably the best way to do it, seeing how you want to direct ATT to load up a game with a 3D settings profile. Is it not possible to achieve loading up steam, just by adding to the parameters of the game's main executable or shortcut, then getting ATT to refer to that file to execute?
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