Crysis 3 on geforce 210

can i run crysis 3 Processor- Intel(R) Core(TM) i3- 2100 CPU @3.10 GHz 3.10 GHz. Installed memory(RAM)- 4.00GB (2.99GB) System type- 32- bit Operating System Graphic card- nvidea geforce 210.....
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  1. 1-10 fps, so probably not
  2. If you could just upgrade your graphics, then yes. Otherwise nope.
  3. ^ agree
  4. Seriously doubt it will even start...
  5. It won't start. It requires a DX11 compliant graphics card with a lot more power.
  6. Upgrade your psu and graphics card.
    and if you can upgrade to 8gb ram.
  7. Eff no it won't even start. Crysis 3 requires a direct x11 compatible card. Geforce 210 only supports direct x10.1
  8. You're joking xD

    that card wont get more than 5 FPS at any point of time! Heck, I think it will give an average of 1! Your processor is alright, recommended 4-core but it is strong enough to have casual gaming, although you will experience lag a lot of times. Best recommendation is get an i5-2500k with gtx 660 (the higher the better). anything less this will have big trouble!

    Also, I see you have 2.99 gb ram for use, still that is a 32-bit thing. All I mean to say is your PC is lingering near the minimum requirements. (except for GPU)
  9. Your system is good excpet graphic card
    your graphic card must needs to suppot Dx11
  10. Like said, you need a DX11 card to run this game. Your CPU is good enough.
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