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Recommended water coolers for CPU and GPU

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April 24, 2004 3:26:09 AM

Does anyone have any recommendations for water coolers that can handle both the cpu and gpu at the same time. Or will I have to go with just water cooling the cpu. I have been looking at the aquarius III and it seems decent but I believe it only does one.

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April 24, 2004 9:32:54 PM

What do you think of the asetek waterchill-KT03A-L30. It can handle both, has two 120 fans and a large radiator, and a pump that does 1200l/h.
April 25, 2004 12:50:47 AM

Yes, I am new to the water scene, I'm hoping to get a P4 3.2C up to or close to 4. What would be necessary for that.
April 25, 2004 2:21:07 AM

I have an idea, why don't you have peltier waterblocks, and also peltier radiator, stuff that peltier radiator in a mini fridge, that may work very well. Get some serious peltiers on the radiator cooling pipes like 8 blocks of 226watt peltiers. It'll be bad if the water froze in the radiator tubes.

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April 25, 2004 4:13:51 AM

Alright, well there is a small chance of this actually coming together, the pc that is. I know that Corsair's DDR550 will definitely help, and the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe board will be great as well. Those are the things I am planning on getting. Now I've just been searching for excellent cooling. I know that alot rides on how lucky you get with the processor, so perhaps I will get lucky. Also, anyone have recommendations for a case. Im looking at chieftec dragons, so something along those lines. Thanks
April 25, 2004 4:27:56 AM

Oh, I meant the P4E I believe not C,I meant the newest prescott, the one actually capable of going to 4+ Ghz. The one with D0 stepping.

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April 25, 2004 4:29:27 AM

Hmm, I've never heard of that problem, I have read plenty of articles on people OC'ing on them with adjustments to V-core. Are you sure its still an issue in the E series?
April 25, 2004 1:03:29 PM

I would personnally get a P4 2.8c and overclock to 3.5Ghz you can be pretty confident that you will get that high and you will also get the advantage of 250Mhz FSB...with a 3.2 you might not be able to get that. I also think that the prescotts are still not worth it when the northwoods are the same price.

Im using the KT12-L30 and it is a great beginners water kit. I highly recommend it. If you wanna overclock a lot you might wanna think of getting a similar kit, it cools the northbridge as well.

P4c 2.6@3.25
512Mb PC4000
2x120Gb 7200.7 in RAID0
Waterchill KT12-L30
Abit AI7
Radeon 9800Pro
April 25, 2004 1:47:55 PM

Well the Abit board seems to be slighly faster as well, but it looks like some components might get cramped. What about cases though, I will need one that can comfortable store all the water equipment, and what is the best way for putting in the radiator. Should I cut a hole in the case for the radiator to blow the air out?
April 26, 2004 7:33:53 AM

I used a chieftec full tower case and cut holes in the top for the radiator.

P4c 2.6@3.25
512Mb PC4000
2x120Gb 7200.7 in RAID0
Waterchill KT12-L30
Abit AI7
Radeon 9800Pro