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Ok, so i generally carry a 22-30% accuracy in pc games i there any no lag flash game or something i can do to improve? I generally play with acceleration off and what most people would call low sensitivity,I use a claw/palm grip
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  1. What games do you play?
  2. bf3,bfbc2,crysis 2.crysis 3 (i will be) cs go and arma 2 are my main ones.
  3. What weapon do you favor?

    I am usually taking the sniper side of things, on offence and defense.

    In that case it is best to go off to the side, and flank the enemy.

    Instead of firing at everything, look for someone that no other enemy's can see, that way they wont find your position. By doing so you will stay alive, and have more time to test your accuracy in IG real experiences.

    If you usually use another class, let me know. :)
  4. My classes vary alot between snipers shotguns assault rifles and pdws depending what game i play.
  5. Ok, well you saw my tips for sniper, it's better to stay alive then kill alot. More you stay alive, more kills = better kdr/acc. For sniper you wait, never take a shot even if your about to lose it, IF it's in a bad position.

    For shotguns, never go out in the open obviously, this is a close ranged weapon, stick to vehicles, and houses.

    For Assualt Rifles, depending on what type.. If you use a Burst Fire [My favorite because of the high ACC] Obviously dot your mouse, but make sure to drag it back down, obviously.

    Best thing to do is to know the map, and know the recoil of your gun. It will take some getting used to. :)
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