Is this a good PC for running Arma II?

Obviously Arma II and Operation Arrowhead have issues with drivers and you have to sacrifice some options for others to be able to max it out (Or so I'm told) but I would like to know if my machine could stable a 40+ FPS? At MAX but the view distance around 2.5-3Km only because that's what everyone seems to run it at and I have no idea I don't have the PC yet to be able to play the game!

CPU - AMD Athlon II 270 Dual-Core(X2) 3.4Ghz AM3-AMD

Motherboard - ASUS Gigabyte AMD 760G Chipset AM3 FX DDR3

Memory/RAM - 8GB DDR3 Memory

Hard Drive - Seagate West Digital 1000G Hard Drive

DVD Writer - SATA 24x Speed Optical DVD Writer

Video card/Graphics card - ATI HD7750 1GB GDDR5,DirectX 11 Ready
(I had a choice between a Nvidia GeFoce GT 630 or the Radeon HD 7750)

Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Becuase my Friends got the same PC but took the GT 630 instead an can run it at around 25-35 FPS and want to see if I could do better!

I've allways had the better PC but my friends needed an upgrade and so did I from my 2.5 year old rig I built myself, but I'm curious because people are saying that older rigs run it far better?

If curious I can put my old PC specs up...
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  1. It would be better than your friends. How much would you be paying for it?
  2. for amrma 2, no! system requirments to play at medium will tax that system pretty hard. not the gfx it will handle them but the threading on the cpu. it requires more than 2 cores to play smoothly.
  3. try to get the phenon II X6. it will be FAR better, considering arma2 is a cpu based game
  4. I'll be paying $600 for it with extra cost of things included.

    Playing for maybe 3.5 - 5 hours straight some days maybe longer.

    Sadley I cannot get any other processor for more cores or a Phenon... I have one in my current PC but nothing more than what this one has (Apart from being 3.6Ghz overclocked)

    Cheers for the answers though!
  5. What would be a suitable amount or cores, 6? If I were to go after a better cpu then I'll need to spend another $500-$600 just for a better cpu with 4-6 cores! I'd rather buy that then use my old chip if it will preform better...
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