Computer Freezes During 3D Gaming

Hi All :)
I will try to explain my problem very well and hope find the solution here :D

I Bought a new Computer with the following Components :

Mother Board: ASUS P8H61
Processor : Intel Core I3-2120 @ 3.30GHZ
Graphics Card : Nvidia Ge Froce GT 430 , 1 GB, 164 bit Memory Interface , and it's Manufacturer is ASUS
RAM : 2GB @ 1333 MHZ , ASROCK
Hard Disk : Westren Digital 500 GB

and my problem is:

When I playing 3D gaming on it, It Freezes Randomly ( Meaning with that : some time After 5 minute , other After 10 minutes .. and on on) and when I press CTRL+ALT+DEL the task manager windows open and when I look at it i find a
Not Responding
state near the App ,,, when i chose End Task ,,
it ends and windows still works Perfectly !!
I mean with that the game is only freeze , but the system still work prefect

I have the same problem under Windows Xp, 7 and 8
Trying To replacing graphics Card , But still having the same Problem
and I'm Trying To Test RAM Under MemTest86+ but it shows no errors !!!
and I get The Latest Version Of Graphics Card Driver ,, but it does not fix the problem :(

Can Any One Help Me ??
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  1. Quote:
    I have the same problem under Windows Xp, 7 and 8

    Are you running three OSes on your machine?

    Depending on what games your running, some of them might not work well with some OSes. Older games might be problematic running under 7 or 8 and newer ones under XP.

    RAM : 2GB @ 1333 MHZ , ASROCK

    You also have very little RAM. 4GB minimum is what you'll need to run games made in the last 2-3 years.

    Also check that your game is patched up to the latest version.
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