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My boyfriend used to play Battelfield 3 a lot on his PC, until it stopped working, even after re-installing a few times.
As a gift I thought it would be nice for me to make it so that he can play it on my PC whenever he's over.
I want to know if this is possible, I'm assuming I'll need to buy the game (premium), but can the account, including ranks and stats, be accessed again? And if he's able to fix his will he be able to keep it on both PC's?
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  1. Here is the thing -
    You don't need to buy it again.
    Just close origin (your boyfriend will probably know what it means) on his computer.
    Install origin on your computer and login through his account.
    Install the game Via the DVD or download the entire game on your computer and he can play it on your computer.
    Just make sure that you and him both don't login through origin at the same time from his and your computer ( I'm not sure if you CAN do that or not but don't take any chances).
    So all in all he can play it on your computer when he comes over provided he doesn't play from his computer.
    If he fixes his PC issue then first logout from your PC and login from his PC and install Battlefield 3.
    When he is playing BF3 on his PC make sure you aren't logged into Origin from your computer and vice-versa.
    I wish I had a girlfriend like you.
    I wish I had a girlfriend :cry:
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