Unwanted lag in some games.

I don't know how to properly explain what i want to ask.. I bought BO2 more than a month ago and was playing it without any problems, lags whatsoever. But recently it started lagging like my keyboard keys would get stuck. Like when i strafe and let go key, it still strafes for few seconds and mouse movement seems awkward at times.
Same problem is happening with WoW too, BUT only when i'm talking to someone on skype... But its laggs hella lot more..
But i haven't noticed something like that in any other games (yet) like BF3.
This makes me wanna cry like a little girl. Because i bought this crab of a PC last year, and all i am having till now is problems.
Specs are:
I5-2500k stoc clock
GTX 660ti TOP
samsung 830 series ssd
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3
Gigabyte GA-P67-DS3-B3 Mo'Bo
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  1. Hard drive failing or Virus...as a guess...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hmmm, in my case none from both.
    Turns out, my cheapo Wi-Fi adapter is somehow causing that.
    Thanks anyway.
  3. try to reduce the prerendered frame on nvidia control panel...
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