Deus Ex: Human Revolution runs poor with i5 3570k and HD 7850

This game for some reason runs extremely poor.
My setup is
CPU:i5 3570K
GPU:Sapphire HD 7850 OC 1gb(1100 core and 1300 memory clocks)
RAM: 8gb ram(1333)

In the city it drops to 20fps or less and indoors it almost never reaches 60fps. I have the game in DX9 with lowest settings. Has anyone else had this sort of problem and found a way to fix it?
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  1. Sounds like you need a patch or something i run it maxed with 100 fps on my phenom ii
  2. As strange as this may sound, running a game on low graphics can actually slow your framerate. It has happened at times. You need to update your graphics and cpu drivers quickly and use DX10/11 if possible...

    MY SPECS ARE SIMILAR TOO this is too weird. what do you think is going on??! my 7850 is oc'd 1130/1450 and my 3570k is 4.2ghz... we should riot.

    fyi turning on dx11 actually increases the frames for me. if you have steam, friend me. same steam handle. maybe we can figure it out
  4. I have figured out the problem(at least for me). When the game is in DX9 it seems to have major performance problems. I left the game and changed the start up settings in steam to DX11 and the game stopped having performance issues. I have not bothered to change the settings in-game to see if the game has a problem changing them in-game as I am too scared that the problem will return.

    I can now run the game on max settings with 2560x1440 downsampled to 1080p with sweet fx at 80+fps.

    1.Leave game if you are in it
    2.In steam select "Setup Deus Ex:Human Revolution"
    3.Select Use Direct X 11

    I might have done some other things but this is what I remember doing.

    I checked your thread and you are correct. ENB mod drops the game to 5fps for me as well.
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