Good Mics for Youtube Gaming Commentaries?

I am wanting to get a new mic for youtube as my headset is not very good quality and I would like to get the best sound possible so that people do not get annoyed because of the sound quality.I would like it to be preferably under about £75 as it means I can spend some money on other things. The cheaper it is the better as it means I can buy it soon.
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  1. I bought a bog standard headset for £15 so i could skype with my mates when we play games. As long as it has some form of noise cancellation, you will not pickup bad background noise.

    E.g. the headset i got ( has several microphones, one on the inside of the boom (for your voice) and a set on the outside of the boom (to cancel any noise it picks up that isn't your voice) This is hardware based, there are software based ones.

    Me and my friend both have this headset, and as long as you configure it correctly for recording e.g. get some software to set it up for recording, it should sound pretty dam good for a reasonable price.
  2. Thanks, but im not really a headset person so the only ones I like to wear are the ones that fit around your ears. I was thinking more of a standup USB mic, someone recommended me this for £40 which seems good for the price. i will probably get this and a pop filter eventually.
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