Poor performance in bf3

I just reformatted and Im still getting lack luster performance (45-120 fps) especially on the back to karkand maps. I understrand the destructible enviorments and all..but it doesnt seem like my pc should be having issues with it. I typically play an all high and aa in 2x, but even turnign it asll to medium and aa off still doesnt help much

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  2. Have you checked in GPUz to see if you are getting full GPU usage?
  3. Don't know how to solve it, but that is definitely not right. I can maintain 60 on high with 2x AA. Obviously your 7970 is more powerful than my 7870.
  4. use the bf3 configurator and limit your max fps to 60 you dont need any more because the game is limited to 60 packets this will stop your gpu hitting high fps and then bouncing back down to low. because your not maxing out the gpu you minimum should jump up and level out the max and minimum which will make the game feel smoother.
    make sure you turn of physx in the nvidia pannel because its not used but will cause a performance drop.
  5. Quote:
    How do you limit it to 60fps? I turned vsynce on in game and it still goes past 100fps...

    That's probably cause your monitor can handle 100+ FPS.
    While in-game press the ~ key to open the console and type this exact same line - Gametime.MaxVariableFps 60
  6. Yea idk what the issue is. ..the gpu is showing the correct usage amount..Im not sure what it could be...
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