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I am working with Altera's Quartus II compiler and Cyclone FPGA chips. Using a Dell 3.2gig P4 with a gig of 400mhz memory, some compiles can still run 4 to 7 minutes. When you have to do that 15 or 20 times a day, it really gets old.
So the question is: Is there a MB/CPU combination that can make a significant difference to software compile times?
Thanks for listening. I'm not a gamer' just an impatient engineer.
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  1. Compliers almost exclusively use integer operations. So when you are looking at synthetic benchmarks like SiSoft's Sandra's CPU benchmark you want to focus on the Integer/ALU performance.

    Also some reviews use linux kernel compilations as benchmarks.
  2. A Fast IO subsystem and disk helps too...
    Ya are also makin output exe's , perpahs objs, and linkin, maybe even intermediate filse... Fast disk helps...
  3. maybe you should consider dualies or quads.

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