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Can I run a GTX 650 with an Intel core 2 quad CPU Q6600 and 6GB of ram? Looking

I am currently running an Intel Core 2 Quad PCU Q6600 with a GTX 275,6Gb of ram on an ASUS P5N-E sli motherboard. I would like to know if I can simply drop a 2Gb GTX 650 into this system, or will this GPU not be compatible at all? Alternatively, is there a DX11 capalble card I can use with my current system as Im not ready for a complete upgrade at this time. That will happen when we start to see UE4 games.
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    yes it should run fine as long as you have at least a pci-e 1.1 x16 slot.
    i wouldnt go any higher than a 660ti due to the chance of bottlenecking but a 650 should run very well.
  2. Excellent, thanks HEXiT. I can look forward to playing Crysis 3 very soon.
  3. yeah it should work. just make sure you clear out the old drivers before you install the new.
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