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Hey guys,

Simple question. What is better Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft? I haven't played either of them, and I want to try a new MMORPG. I've researched online, and I've seen a lot of mixed reviews between the two of them. What is a better overall game? (I don't mind paying the monthly fee)

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  1. Wow sux after bc

    Go with gw2 it doest have a sub and has apready sold 3 mil copies so it must be good
  2. Wow is awesome!!
    for pve or pvp try out mist of pandaria its really not that bad. You can play casualy or competitively and still have fun. Been playing for years now no regrets!
  3. Get both. I bet you will like both of them.
  4. Hey rjlee
    I've played both, and to be honest world of warcraft is the best in my opinion. Just due to the player community, and the PVP aspect of the game.
  5. This depends on your gaming style....

    Do you play a lot of singleplayer RPGs? Do you like your RPGs complicated? I mean, Do you like to edit and test, edit and test, finding the best? Are you a "must know and do all" gamer? Do you take a steep learning curve as a challenge? As in learning every class on your 1st playthough/character?

    If this sounds like your type, Buy GW2.

    If you DON'T like complicated RPGs, WoW with its latest expansion has gotten even more simple! In terms of: All classes are now "cookie cutter", you cannot spec wrong, as you no longer get the option. If you DON'T want to worry about testing out stats, scripts, and macros, in WoW the first two don't exist, and macros are not required by most classes even in hardcore raiding groups. If you DON'T like a massive learning curve, and as such don't mind running into clueless people on a rather frequent basis, WoW has just what you're looking for while still having a mild challenge. Do you like PvP? WoW is a bit leetest, but has a VERY active PvP playerbase.

    Sounds like you? get WoW.

    In terms of community; GW2 has more of a hardcore RPG gamer playerbase, you play/script every class as you play by yourself, so when you do get into a group 98% of the time everyone in your group will know how to play not just their own class but yours as well. Makes for a lot of people who know a few ways to play and can help you out quite a bit.

    WoW is more of a social beehive of activity, filled with many a casual, hardcore, and clueless gamer. With more of a focus on "Clearing content", "Grinding for Gear", or "all of the above in order to Raid", it has less of an RPG feel and is more friendly to people coming from non RPG backgrounds. WoW has gone through a ton of changes over the years, but in its current form it is much more streamlined and almost idiot proof... almost. While still providing plenty of challenge to the hardcore gamer, though 90% of that challenge is finding a group of people that share your gameplay style. WoW is all about social interaction with a game to play alongside. Find the right group of people to hangout with and the game is amazing, try as a single player and its VERY frustrating.
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