need a cooling EXPERT!!!!

my tower is in an enclosed desk. will not be overclocking but would like to add a slot cooler for extra cooling. no one seems to know which one is the best. i have found three types at various sights. 1.) basic suck hot air out thru slot cooler 2.) cards with 2 fans that blow air inside pc directly on whatever, and 3.) the double sucker that allows you to either suck in or out or a combo of both (but real cheapo fans ). in a closed in desk with just the back panel open, which type or brand would you suggest? the overclockers on this site are suppose to be the BEST experts out there, but cant seem to get an answer to my problem! plz help!!!!!!!!
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  1. what system (CPU,..) do u use and why do u need extra cooling? (system temps to high?)

  2. dell dimension 4400 with a 1.7. just want the extra cooling because it is inside a compartment with not much airflow. thanks!!
  3. If you don't get hangups and don't overclock you don't realyy need extra cooling. Or do you?

  4. ok, first of all, I dont KNOW that i need extra cooling, but it DOES blow pretty warm air out of it and it is fully inclosed in an oak desk other than the rear being open. but i have the extra dough, and 2 empty pci slots, so i thought this would be the easy solution (i.e. slot cooler). dell (i hate em i hate em i hate em) has not left any extra room on the back for an extra fan. no place to screw one in even if i tried. what they have (so i have to keep going back to them non american speaking fools) is a nmb fan 92mm X 32mm with a plastic scoop that sucks air from the cpu heatsink and blows it out the rear of this thing. so what i need to know is do i want a slot cooler that sucks more air out of this tower (and if so, what brand is best), or one of those slot coolers that has the two fans that actually blow air around inside the tower and directly on the cards. and if i find a REALLY good cooling expert, is this stock dell nmb fan the best i can do? seems hard to find a 92mm fan thats 32mm deep (again, dell has made it so unless i modify the plastic scoop somehow, thats what i have to stick with). most are either 23mm or 38mm deep. ive replaced the ide cables with the antec cobras to allow extra breathing and unfortunately, mother board monitor doesnt work for my motherboard (have talked to mbm direct), so i havent a clue as to what the temps really are. now, as a newbie geek, i hope some of this made sense and helps you guys HELP ME!!!!!
  5. I already told you what to do in another post, before you got this rediculous slot cooler idea in your head: Make sure the back of the desk is completely open and a few inches from the wall, and CONVECTION should pull the warm air upward from the top of the opening, causing cool air to rush in the bottom of the opening.

    Adding a slot cooler means you disrupt convection by trying to force warm air out the bottom, into the incomming cool air stream.

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  6. crashman, oh crashman. i dont pretend to know even a smigin (is that a word) of what you know about these things, but i do have one question about yer comment. where in the heck is the cool air entering the case? everything on the back is venting out from either the power supply or the case cooler. no intakes. none. nada. there is a front lid covering extra usb ports on the front of the machine that may allow "a little" fresh air to be sucked in thru the cracks, but even that is warm stale air from the compartment heat from the tower as an overall heat source. (front door solid oak). the pushing out of hot air out the back by a slot cooler would be sucked in where? everything blows out. and so does this dell. anymore ideas oh infinite one of wisdom (i actually do need yer help). maybe a higher volume case fan and a better heatsink(not the fancy ones with the extra fan attached) for this p4. is there such a thing?
  7. LOL, the air will enter wherever there are holes in the case! Didn't you know that air can move horizontally as well as vertically? Obviously Dell knows that exhaust fans are more important than intake fans, that they will suck air in through the inlet without the "need" of intake fans!

    You're talking about adding SLOT COOLERS, which are EXHAUST fans! Then you complain that my idea stinks because your system already has exhaust fans! But you're idea of adding even more exhaust fans goes against your own instict here!

    Look, the air intake is probably in the front. It might be around a raised front panel, it might be through a hole in the bottom of the front panel, but it's still usually in the front. Having the area in front of the case enclosed isn't a great idea, but the air at the bottom of your cabinet should have no problem moving from back to front as long as there's a pressure differential! And that pressure differential is caused by your exhaust fans!

    So look, you have exhaust fans in back, exhausting out the top of the case, with heat rizing out the back of your desk. That leaves the air at the bottom of your desk still cool. That cool air should move from the back of your cabinet to the front due to differential pressure. Obviously your fan's can't pull even a small vacuum with the cabinet open either in back or in front!

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  8. stop yelling at the poor newb :tongue:

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