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planning water

Last response: in Overclocking
May 14, 2004 7:04:22 PM

i'm planning to install a water-cooling system in my computer and i have some concerns. i'm planning on cooling my CPU(p4 2.8), north bridge (abit IC7 chipset), and graphics card (9800pro)

1. right now i'm thinking a water path that will go from: pump to cpu, to NB, to graphics, to radiator, and back to pump. but after the first component won't i jus be carrying hotter and hotter water to the next component? is that going to be a problem? is a good place to mount the radiator and pump?

3.and last is testing. your suppose to test the system before actually installing it on components. the eheim pump i have plugs into the PSU. so how can i test it w/o turning on my computer to get the PSU/pump going?

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May 15, 2004 4:23:48 AM

oO, thx.

any takers on the other concerns...#1 mainly
May 21, 2004 12:34:55 AM

I used a Innovatech pkg to cool an AMD2600 and a graphic card (4600) on a ASUS A7V mobo. Water route is pump > radiator > CPU > GPU > pump. The radiator has a 120mm fan. The case temp is ~85F and the cpu is ~105F.
The first problem I had was the amount of heat in the water lines caused the tubing to "slump" and collapse. Cure was to replace the water line with shorter tubes and elbows. The lines were attached to the case brackets for support. Wrks great now.
The second problem was placement of the radiator and pump/reservoir and the AC power to run he pump. Still working on this one.
The last problem was the amount of noise from the power supply, replaced it with quieter model. Same problem with an IE HD, replaced it. The tower has 3 CDs,1 DVD, 2 IDE HD, and a SATA HD. The work laptop is a Dell D600 which is noisier than the tower.

Lots of luck

AMD2600+,AMD2000+,P4/1.8,P3/800,Via/800,P3/700 and a farm of Dells; OS/2, Linux(RH), W2K, NT4, Novell, UNIX. So little time, so many OS's
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May 21, 2004 5:04:50 PM

I didn't even test (love to live dangerously) just slapped everything in my case and turned the thing on. No leaks so far luckily.

May 22, 2004 10:50:22 AM

My system leaked in 3 places when I turned it on...guess I was never meant to be a plumber.

<font color=blue>P4c 2.6@3.25
512Mb PC4000
2x120Gb 7200.7 in RAID0
Waterchill KT12-L30
Abit AI7
Radeon 9800Pro
</font color=blue>
May 22, 2004 12:01:43 PM

Lol, me neither. Graduating as Master in business economics in 1 month so the plummer way is backup :-p

I have screw fittings in all my system, I did actually have one leak but that was the cap on my waterreservoir which hangs outside of the case (its a tube with two caps top and bottom, the bottom one wasn't screwd on tight enough in the factory or sometyhing like that)

I also busted my GPU waterblock during installation, it has a plastic cap and it cracked while i screwd it onto my graphics card (first I thought the card had cracked which after all seems more plausible) I think its because that particular plastic isn't happy when cleaned with ethanol.

May 23, 2004 10:18:11 AM

Yeh you have to be well carefull what you clean those plastic tops with.

I have push on fittings on my kit and I didnt push them in hard enough, when I turned on the system I noticed my soundcard had a lot more water on it than usual.

<font color=blue>P4c 2.6@3.25
512Mb PC4000
2x120Gb 7200.7 in RAID0
Waterchill KT12-L30
Abit AI7
Radeon 9800Pro
</font color=blue>
May 23, 2004 11:28:52 AM

oh btw, as for system temps my setup is ok I think now i'm at 33C (more or less idle) so my temps are very sensitive to ambient temps (now at 21C mobo temp at 23C). That BIX II is a good rad, now for a new GPU waterblock and then I'll know what the extra heat ll do. AT the moment my setup isn't optimal either, i've got the rad standing inside my case (against the hdd rack). Xaser III is roomy but with that rad you can never have enough room it's even bigger than pictures let you believe. 2 120mm titan fans pulling air trough it and I think they have a hard time doing that.

As for my next piece of mess, screwing the fans on to the rad was a pain, had to push so hard that the metal frame started to bend, my crappy solution was to superglue the fans into place, works as good as screws but I'm gonna curse when I ever want to remove or replace them :-p

May 26, 2004 7:58:14 PM

lolz, could just wear baggy pants ;) 

since the chipset doesn't give out much heat I think I'll split the path, let the cpu get its own line and then connect the chipset to GPU on another line.

does anyone know where I can buy the push screws that hold the 9800pro's heatsink/fan on? i want to get those (just longer) but no one seems to have them. I tried a small computer store, radioshack, and home depot. what kind of store carries these things?