What games can I run with this build?

No overclocking

Intel Core i5 3570 (not k)
Asus Geforce GTX 660 DirectCU II
Intel DZ77SL-50k motherboard
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb Ram (2x4)
Seagate Barracuda 500 GB
average Antec case
Antec Earthwatts 650W

Will I be able to run most games? And at what settings? Planning to play WoW, GW2, BF3.

ALSO, did I get a crappy motherboard? That is what I'm most worried about. It was about $130.
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  1. Lol, you can run all games. Most at maximum settings. WoW and GW2 will both run at maximum settings. Battlefield 3 will be a combination of ultra and high.

    The motherboard is fine. You could probably of gotten something a bit better for that price, but it is a fairly nice motherboard. It is Z77 and has USB 3.0 and whatnot.
  2. pretty good parts. shudda went with the 3570k. my computer is similar, and i run most games maxed with a minimum of more than 60fps, of course disregarding those few unoptimized monstrosities [crysis, metro 2033, gta iv]
  3. Great, thanks. It will run far cry as well right?
    Damn voiid i'm 14 as well but I wish I had your knowledge with computer builds
  4. Yeah. My card (7870) is kind of between the 660 and 660Ti and I play at max settings without AA at 1080P. You are probably looking at close to maximum without AA, or medium-high with AA.

    I don't know any where near as much as some people on this forum. I was asking questions just like you a few months ago before I got my PC.
  5. what's aa?
  6. Yeah, you will probably want it. It is unusual not to use it, but that's how I roll. I find the performance impact outweighs it's extra visual appeal.
  7. Quote:
    @ OP. Why did you pick that motherboard? Its pretty ugly.

    ikr, but i'm new to computers and the employee told me it was good LOL

  8. How do I set up Anti-Aliasing? Is it a setting in the game?
    And how much does it reduce the FPS?
  9. gopz said:
    How do I set up Anti-Aliasing? Is it a setting in the game?
    And how much does it reduce the FPS?

    Yeah, Anti-Aliasing is just an option in the game. It will usually have something like "Anti-Aliasing:" with a dropdown selection thing with 2x, 4x and 8x. The higher the number the smoother the edges.

    It decreases performance quite a bit. Other than resolution, it is probably one of the biggest performance droppers.
  10. Ok. What should my priority order be? resolution, then video settings (mid/high/ultra), then AA?
  11. Yep. As I said, most people want AA. I am the exception, not the norm.
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