Silent Case ?

Dudes, I need some help.
i have a nice little something i love very much, and i have this big case sorrounding it, the problem is, it makes a whole lot of noise. and i'm sick of it. my computer never shuts down, its even on while i sleep, and i want a system thats noise free.

what can i do ?
i need a big case, for 3 hard drives, 2 drives, 3 pci cards, 1 agp card, processor, 3 memory slots,
but i dont really want to over clock anything.
everything works fine the way it is, only if it was quiter.

oh, and another thing.
I dont have too much money to spend. so take that under considiration.

I'll be glad to hear your advice.

Good Day!

~ forgive my stupid questions ~
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  1. You don't need to change your case, you just need to change your fans. Give a little more details on your system.

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