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Looking for a gaming mouse

Last response: in Video Games
February 5, 2013 7:02:43 PM

i am looking for a gaming mouse (after using a bogstandard microsoft mouse for the past few years)
i had a look at mad catz cyborg R.A.T. 7 (or something) but apparently all of mad catz mice suffer from poor build quality low standard parts and bad customer service
i dont really know much about gaming mice i'm looking for something comfortable for someone with large hands, accurate (for first person shooters etc) and works well on wood
the current games i am playing alot are (dunno if it helps but hey)
TERA online
planet side 2
dota 2
universal century gundam online (an obscure *hipster glasses on* japanese mmo that technicly no longer exists)
world of warcraft (when i really want to torture myself with boredom)
for some reason eurotruck simulator 2 (no idea myself someone got it for me on steam and its strangely relaxing and somewhat addictive)
runescape (more fun than wow and i can play it when latency makes tera unplayable - ie. every sodding time the nexus is going on)
x3 terran conflict
also this machine will be used for star citizen and i dobut i will have a good joystick by then

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February 5, 2013 7:13:31 PM

I've got the logitech g700. Great durable gaming mouse that will last you a long time
February 5, 2013 7:24:15 PM

i heard logitech were good actaully... i shall look into them
also i have heard something about different grips (claw and palm or something) could someone explain them?

i should also add the area my mouse is in is not wide enough for me to streach out my hand before it reaces the wall and keyboard (basicly confined space the desk i am using is prettymuch something i cobbled together to fit into a small alcove beside the fire in the wall of my living room)

just looked it up and i appear to do a weird combination of the finger tip and palm grip (the heel of my hand rests on the edge of the table (hardly moving when i move the mouse around) but for the most part the palm of my hand is on the top of the mouse with my fingers just forward of the center of the buttons but due the the way i hold it if i move the mouse down i swap to the finger tip grip sort of
but i think this is due to the height of the desk from the chair because if i move my entire hand onto the table the edge ends up cutting into my wrist and going forwards with my entire hand causes it to go upwards unless i move my sholder up (and thats uncomfortable)
i can upload some pictures of my weird set up and how i usually sit at it if anyone wants

but when on my laptop i use the palm grip
so i need a mouse that should be comfortable in almost all grip types