Best heatsink for Athlon XP

I have a 2100+ overclocked to 2600 right now. I am using the stock heatsink and the temp for the cpu is 53C. At full load it is around 60. I am wondering what is the best heatsink for this and I don't want it to be real pricey.
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  1. Thermalright SK7 with Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II.

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  2. I was thinking about getting the Coolermaster Aero7. What is the comparison between the two?
  3. Thermalright wins in every single way, less noise for more performance.

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  4. What is a good quiet 80mm fan to add to it?
  5. Quote:
    Thermalright SK7 with Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II

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  6. yea I was gonna edit mine but I never got around to it. That smart case fan II is too loud, it is like 46dB that is crazy. I think I am going to go with a Sunon 30 dB and still a high cfm.
  7. SM2 has speed control, all the way down to 2k rpm. which is like less than 20dB.

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