Pls Help Me Mod Skyrim:)

Hey guys I need help from the community. I just got back into playing Skyrim(I never spent more than 5 hours on it) and need some help with modding the game. As it stands now the only mods I have are the newest high Res Texture pack.

With my heavily overclocked GTX 570 I am able to play the game completely maxed and 4XMSAA. I can step up to 8xMSAA and easily get over 60fps; but the only problem is that after and hour or so of playing my framerates take a nosedive because of what I believe to be VRAM overload at that point.

As it stand now MSI records me using 1.25GB at some points with only the High Res Texture pack and 4XMSAA. According to MSI I am pretty much hitting top end Vram on my card but I never get the FPS nosedives like I do with 8XMSAA. I can play for hours on end using 1.25Gb.

My question is I really want to use more mods but I don't know how to do that w/o maxing my VRAM after an hour of play. I've seen people on here claiming they were able to add 50+ mods with only a 1.25Gb GTX 570 and still play the game smoothly. I want to know are there any good mods that won't suck the life out of the remainng Vram I have left?

I've actually heard there were mods to get around the whole VRAM situation and that using whatever program this was allowed people with even only a GB to add a bunch of GFX mods. Can anyone help me out??
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